The Contact Photo Finder is an application that provides an easy way of adding photos or pictures to persons already stored in the address book of your mobile phone.


Given the name of the person in the address book the internet is searched for any photo or image that seems to be related to this person. In most cases you will find one or more photos published by this person on one ore more social media networks. Simply select a photo from the list and it will be stored as the contact photo in the contact database.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this app also available for the iPhone?

A: No, this app was developed only for the Android platform


Q: What versions of Android are supported?

A: Currenly only Android 2.1 and 2.2 are actively supported, since we do not have other devices available to test on. If someone can donate a partilar device, we will if we can add support for this device.





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