The Contact Photo Finder is an application that provides an easy way of adding photos or pictures to persons already stored in the address book of your mobile phone.


Given the name of the person in the address book the internet is searched for any photo or image that seems to be related to this person. In most cases you will find one or more photos published by this person on one ore more social media networks. Simply select a photo from the list and it will be stored as the contact photo in the contact database.



Features description (free)


Features description (PRO)



Feature description (free version)


  • Sorting by alphabet or by the order of persons last dialed
  • Search for specific contact person using instant filtering
  • Save current image to SD-card
  • Edit contact
  • Delete contact


Searching for images:

  • Search for clipart type of images
  • Search for Company logo
  • Browse to the webpage this image was found on
  • Zoom in on the image you found
  • Cropping allows for selecting a particular part of an image
  • Cropping uses a face recognition algorithm to easily select the face in a foto


Other features:

  • Select an image already stored on your SD-card
  • Select a "placeholder" image from a image library
  • Select images from a personal list of favorites
  • Select images from a public list of favorite images
  • Backup all your images to SD-card


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